Grade 4 Bassoon – Little Waltz by Gordon Jacob

For Grade 4 bassoon, you will need to play both Little Waltz AND L’Après-midi d’un dinosaur for your List B piece.  

My top tips for Little Waltz:

  • Watch out for the accidentals!  The piece has two flats in the key signature (Bb and Eb), but a lot of these flats are cancelled out by accidentals throughout the piece.  Remember, this only lasts for one bar, and then you need to go back to the original key signature.
  • Try to keep your style very light in this piece.  Imagine someone is dancing as you play.
  • As always, make the most of your dynamics – the piece begins at piano (soft) and your examiner will want to know you have observed this marking!
  • Keep an eye on the tempo (speed) changes towards the end of the piece.  In bar 29, you will need to slightly slow down (poco rit) and immediately go back to the original speed from the upbeat into bar 31 (a tempo).  Your pause in bar 34 should be long and dramatic, but make sure you go back to your original speed straight afterwards – there are no further speed changes until the final 2 bars.

Both pieces feature in Four Sketches by Gordon Jacob.  Grab a copy below!