An experiment… Deck The Halls (cornet trio)

For some crazy reason, in 2015 I decided it would be fun to learn a new instrument.  So I picked up a copy of A Tune A Day for cornet, and joined a local brass band.

After nearly 25 years of playing woodwind, I really wasn’t prepared for how different it would feel to play the cornet.  Not only was it tricky learning to cope with only having 3 valves, but also the slightest movement of my lips would drastically change the pitch of the note I was playing.

Inspired by the success of my flute duet that I had recorded a few weeks earlier, Jingle Bell Rock, I decided it would be fun to attempt a cornet trio.  This version of Deck The Halls features in A Tune A Day!  At its peak, it goes right up to a high F, which really is very high for an inexperienced player.  I was quite pleased I just about managed to squeeze it out for this video, but I’ve never managed it since!

Anyway, this funny little phase of playing the cornet lasted just under 12 months.  In the end, I was having to do so much practice just to keep up with the brass band that I never had any time to play any woodwind instruments.  But it was fun whilst it lasted!