Lost your music? How to practice without it

I have lost count of the number of times that students have turned up to lessons and told me they couldn’t practise this week because they had lost their music. Really, lost music is your best excuse?! OK then… You probably won’t be practising anything as complicated as this ⬇️ (good luck if you are!) but there’s plenty you can still be working on.

Never one to be satisfied by an excuse, here are some tips for how to improve your musicianship, whether you have sheet music in front of you or not:

  • Play some scales to improve your fingerwork and technique
  • Play some long notes to improve your tone and stamina
  • Listen to recordings of other players to become familiar with the repertoire
  • Try some improvisation or compose your own piece of music
  • Listen to whatever music you like – treat it like an aural test.  Find the pulse, describe the dynamics and tempo, sing it back, identify some of the intervals, etc.
  • Play some of your old favourite tunes that you have enjoyed – it’s better to play something rather than nothing!

See? There are LOADS of things you can still be doing even when you’ve “lost” your music 😉 Now that means you’ll have to think of another excuse for next week…

I hope that helps!  Happy practising!