Grade 1 Oboe – Pendulum by Vera Gray

Pendulum by Vera Gray is another really lovely choice for Grade 1 oboe.  When you’re choosing your List B piece, you’ll have to pick between this one and Jackboots.  So why not watch both videos to help you choose your favourite?

Here are my top tips to play Pendulum well:

  • Try to keep your phrases really smooth.  Remember to keep a close eye on the slurs in the music, and only use your tongue to articulate the first note in each group.
  • Make a big effort on your dynamics.  There are lots of crescendo and diminuendo markings in this piece – push more air through your oboe to play louder.  One trick my teacher taught me to help me remember whether I should be playing louder or softer is to look at the hairpin lines of the dynamic markings.  Imagine the lines are your mouth – when they are further apart (wider), the sound is louder!
  • Be careful in bar 8!  That low D may squeak if your lips are too tight around the reed.


If you want to play along with Pendulum, you’ll need a copy of Oboe Music to Enjoy.  You can grab a copy by following this link.