Grade 7 Oboe – Concerto for Oboe by Cimarosa (Mvts 1 and 2)

The Cimarosa Oboe Concerto has been one of my favourite pieces on the oboe syllabus for a long time. Whenever ABRSM change the syllabus, I think at least one movement always appears somewhere on the list. At the moment, the first two movements are sitting on the A list for Grade 7.

Mvt 1 – Introduzione

The first movement, Introduzione (that’s ‘Introduction’ to you and me!), is a really beautiful slow movement. Watch out for the cadenza (the ad lib) in bar 9 – it’s quite tricky to hit that low note! Also, look out for your tuning when the theme returns an octave higher! It’s easy to go sharp when you’re playing high notes! (I’m not saying I’m perfect… I’m really not… But it’s good to be able to identify your own weaknesses!)

Mvt 2 – Allegro

Then there’s the wonderful Allegro. The trick to this movement is to keep those fast moving passages as steady as possible – don’t try to go too fast! My teacher made me practise this movement many years ago until I could play it by memory – this is actually a really useful tip as you don’t have to worry about reading all those dots. Instead, try to learn the sequences and finger patterns, and it makes it much easier to play. When you’re practising, it sometimes help to mix up the rhythms or articulation a bit (ie. play them as dotted rhythms, or change the articulation to slur two, tongue two), in order to make this process a bit more fun! The other thing to look out for is making sure your tonguing matches the speed of your fingers – easier said than done!

I hope you enjoy my video of the Cimarosa Oboe Concerto. And keep an eye out for my lovely ginger cat, Plato!

If you like this one and you want to learn the Cimarosa Oboe Concerto too, please click on the image of the music to get hold of the sheet music: