About me

Emily Reeds Music

Hello!  My name is Emily and I’m a woodwind player and teacher based in Liverpool, UK. In particular, I am a big fan of double reed instruments.

I make videos to help students who are working towards their music exams, particularly the ABRSM syllabus. I mostly specialise in double reed instruments, such as oboe and bassoon. However, I am happy to take requests for any other woodwind instruments too (flute, clarinet and saxophone) if you need a hand with your practice. I’ve taught them all up to a high standard.

How I can help

If you have any requests for your upcoming music exams , please get in touch. In true woodwind-player style, I’m also very happy to talk about reed problems! (Hopefully I might even be able to help out a little bit) You can use the Contact Emily form to get in touch with me directly, or feel free just to browse through some of my latest videos and blogs.

I hope you enjoy learning and playing your woodwind instruments as much as I do. In the meantime, it just leaves me to say… “happy practising!”